Again, another storm is on the way; it will be touching the shore on November 10. Anyway, to me, anyone who is living near the water, should evacuate. This time, the storm is around a full moon. It’s high tide. It’s the biggest high tide of the year if I’m not wrong. The person, whom I could get the answer to any time I want to such as when it is the high tide, is the highest tide and is the biggest tide of the year, is no longer forever available for me to ask; that’s my dad. He usually told me about the weather by looking at the moon, the wind, the sky, the tree… and made a prediction but I didn’t pay attention, went in one ear and out another ear. Now, I cannot clarify my doubt about the weather anymore and those skills went with him too. (VNN Option, November 9, 2022 Wednesday)



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First Lady Casey DeSantis Announces Over $20 Million Raised within 48 Hours of Activating the Florida Disaster Fund, On October 1, 2022, in News Releases, by Staff
First Lady Casey DeSantis Announces Nearly $35 Million in Donations for the Florida Disaster Fund, On October 4, 2022, in News Releases, by Staff

City of Orlando asks residents to limit water usage. Video: Orlando city says water usage alert will continue until further notice. Watch video. (October 2, 2022, Sunday)

Hope they solve the water problem soon. Otherwise, it might be a bigger problem because high tide is coming soon. Next Monday is a full moon… Hoping those communities are still under the water can get rid of those water before the next coming high tide (highest tide). (VNN Opinion – if the water system has some sort of connection to the lakes, the rivers and the ocean.) (October 3, 2022, Monday)

National Hurricane Center watching 2 tropical disturbances in the Atlantic: Will they impact Florida? ( (October 3, 2022, Monday)
– YES, might be, IF NASA LAUNCHES SOMETHING INTO SPACE… (VNN Opinion) (October 3, 2022, Monday)

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Hurricane? Hurricane and Central Florida?…

FORT MYERS, Fla. — A man who said he’d rather die than leave his boat rode out Hurricane Ian in the hardest-hit area of Fort Myers in that very boat. The boat ended up… ‘That’s my everything’: Man recounts riding out Ian aboard sailboat in Fort Myers, October 04, 2022 at 5:51 pm EDT

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