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Published: October 8, 2021 (1 week ago)

How To Hack Into Facility Eportal

How To Hack Into Facility Eportal

The United States Federal Government will not be able to keep their secrets forever. Their digital footprint is gradually being exposed, one hack at a time. Their servers are vulnerable and unprotected by a single system firewall, and they have neglected to protect themselves from all the possible attack vectors.

Why do I say this? The entire population of the US has been given a file with classified information about Facility Eportal in it, courtesy of outspoken hacker-gadfly-journalist Julian Assange. In his most recent leak on government surveillance programs, he released this document as part of the Intercept’s “Year Zero” metadata release for free access online.

So what is this Facility Eportal? Apparently it is a US military Cyber-espionage organization whose mission objectives are to gather all sorts of information on foreign governments, including “offensive cyber operations” and “propaganda”. Whatever that means…

The whole point of the attack was to locate interesting data, whether personal or otherwise. If you are a government worker the Feds are probably already aware that you are selling secrets about them online. The leak itself seems to be nothing more than an accusation, with no real evidence to back it up.

The irony is that the NSA is supposed to protect us from hackers like Assange. I mean, if they can do their job right, Assange would probably be the last hacker you would ever hear of in your life. But they haven’t done it right at all…

What tools does Facility Eportal use? If you are curious, download this file here , courtesy Julian Assange of WikiLeaks; it contains several different tools that can be used to hack into this type of system. Information on how to improve the whole process was also included in this release. This leak shows that these government workers are not infallible after all.
Impossible to hack?

This Facility Eportal may be tricky, but it is certainly not impenetrable. The Website was first made public in 2008 on the Dark Net, making it more vulnerable to attack. However, there are still many ways of getting into it. As can be seen on WikiLeaks’ own website, the best way is to use social engineering. It seems that this system is so powerless that you can simply fool them into giving up their hard-earned information.
It’s highly recommended that you use tools like Metasploit instead of bruteforcing this system, as the latter has been designed with security in mind. In other words, it is impossible to crack it using a simple dictionary attack on the encrypted passwords.
One thing that this leak does not reveal is the purpose of Facility Eportal. Some of its tools could be used for hacking into private networks, others could help you figure out a system’s name and password, but there is no way of telling which one will be useful to you. This is because only certain parts of the system are public, and others are hidden behind an extremely powerful firewall.
This information was leaked by Julian Assange in order to raise questions about whether or not this Agency was doing its job well or not. It seems that this Agency has been doing everything wrong so far…


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How To Hack Into Facility Eportal

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How To Hack Into Facility Eportal
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How To Hack Into Facility Eportal