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Published: October 8, 2021 (1 week ago)
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If you are interested in knowing more about Pavlov, then this is your article. You’ll learn everything that you need to know about this virtual reality game. From the gameplay mechanics to how it might work, we’re going to go over everything today.

Firstly, let’s talk about what kind of game Pavlov VR is and what its goals are. As the name suggests, it is a VR game with puzzles for players to solve using their wits and skills. The goal of the player is to manipulate objects so that they will be in the right place when they reach them on their path along a maze-like map. The player must also avoid certain objects and traps that will kill him.

There is a portal entrance and exit at the beginning and end of each level respectively. At the start of the game, the player is only equipped with an orb that can be used to move objects through it. There is a bar on top of the orb that determines its range, which seems to be infinite. This orb can be upgraded throughout your gameplay experience, so watch out for any colors on it!
The gameplay involves lots of puzzle solving to reach areas in different angles by moving things around around you or teleporting them to places where they are needed. This is a challenging job but with smart solutions, you can make it all work out.
The movement controls are solid. The player can move around freely just by looking around and holding down the Caps Lock key. There’s no limitation on how far the player moves, so he can turn quickly and move sharply if he needs to. In fact, there is a day/night cycle in the game that determines how fast or slow day changes into night or vice versa, so take note of this as you play. It could be useful depending on what’s going on in the level at any given moment. Obviously, being in VR with no wires or controllers makes this harder to do.
Another element in the game are the enemies, which are not your friendly local wildlife! They are called Scabers.  They will shoot at you if they see you, making the gameplay a lot more tense.
The objects that you need to manipulate in the game are grouped into three categories: doors that can be opened with keypads, bombs that destroy all of the obstacles in their path when they’re thrown at them and time-bombs which slow down time for a few seconds. Speaking of time, this is an important element in Pavlov VR because it determines when doors can be opened or when enemies will arrive at your location.  
The game has three separate modes, which give it more depth.  The first mode is called Plot mode. This is the story mode of the game, where you must follow the story through the levels and try to gather all of the secrets that are hidden around you. It’s like watching an episode of your favorite TV show! The second mode is called Parkour mode. Here, you will explore levels and find keys and bombs that will help you reach areas with doors that need to be opened.
The final mode is called Survival mode . This allows you to choose any level in the game as your home base.


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