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Deerwood Elementary School

Deerwood Elementary School
1356 S Econlockhatchee Trl., Orlando, FL 32825-7721
Phone 407-249-6320 | Fax 407-249-4422

Forsyth Woods Elementary School

Forsyth Woods Elementary School
6651 Curtis Street, Orlando, FL 32807-5116
Phone 407-207-7495 | Fax 407-250-6212

Pinar Elementary School

Pinar Elementary School
3701 Anthony Lane, Orlando, FL 32822-7742
Phone 407-249-6380 | Fax 407-249-4424

Vista Lakes Elementary School

Vista Lakes Elementary School
6050 Lake Champlain Drive, Orlando, FL 32829-8019
Phone 407-207-4991 | Fax 407-207-7701

Hidden Oaks Elementary School

Hidden Oaks Elementary School
9051 Suburban Dr, Orlando, FL 32829
Phone (407) 249-6350| Fax 407-249-4406

Central Florida Spotlight

Central Florida Spotlight: A look back at 9 Investigates’ most recent stories


Florida Election 2018 – U.S. Senate, Florida Governor, U.S. House of Representatives…

Election checklist: Who’s running in Central Florida’s big 2018 races
By: Kevin Williams
Updated: Aug 1, 2018 – 2:18 PM


Car Insurance Related

Best and worst auto insurance companies – https://www.wftv.com/consumer/clark-howard/best-and-worst-auto-insurance-companies/707610441

Oop, my car insurance company is in 10 lowest-rated insurers (#1 is worst) and in #4.  I didn’t know it even though I’ve been with them for years, I believe 15 years already.  Whoa whoa woa woa…

Mother Nature Gets Mad in Florida??? Lightning Problems

Hey, don’t see the title likes that and think I claim at the mother nature.  Currently, I have no idea to give the title, just name likes that and change it later if I have appropriated title.

Florida Data Entry Jobs

Here are the list of current data entry jobs which are available in Florida you might interest.

Indeed Listing: https://indeedhi.re/2MnNQ4s
Career Builder Listing: https://cb.com/2B0Cpek
Monster Listing: http://bit.ly/2P4bRvQ

Listing by City

Data Entry Jobs in Orlando, FL

Data Entry Jobs in Tampa, FL

Data Entry Jobs in Miami, FL

Data Entry Jobs in Tallahassee, FL

Data Entry Jobs in Pensacola, FL

Data Entry Jobs in Jacksonville, FL

Data Entry Jobs in West Palm Beach, FL



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